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Advertising done in an effective manner always promotes sales growth. In fact with the development of internet advertising traditional advertising is on their decrease. When the customers can reach their daily dose of news within a few seconds, traditional medium requires novel approach and methods to establish themselves. While print media is still trying hard to ascertain themselves once again in this field, radio is doing their best. Newspaper subscription is on their decrease, yet commuting people still turn on their radio in the morning. Thus with all these features radio is considered as the most stabilizing alternative for marketing.

The only area that affects the promotion of brands on radio is the pricing structure of advertising campaigns, which again depends on several factors. The primary one is the size of the audience or the amount of listeners that radio advertising covers in a particular area. The ratio of the listeners and that of the popularity of the campaign goes as 1:1 that is the more the number of listeners, the more desirable the campaign becomes. Thus it is always said that a specific demography of audiences does effects the costing of the campaign.

The time slot forms the second criterion only to the amount of listeners, is the one that determines the particular time on which the ad will be inserted. It is true that the total size of the audience of a programme determines the pricing of the ad, but it is also very important to note the time slot at which the advertising campaign is placed. For instance popular shows charges premium prices for their time slots. Among these the two most desired time slots are the early morning commute from seven to nine and from four to six in the evening.

Last but not the least comes the number of spots at which a particular ad is placed. This criterion is defined in the sense that less amount will be paid, with more spots contracted. This is more clearly exemplified as, if any business campaign purchases a single spot will pay on each item basis, while the other campaign will pay less on initiating an entire campaign. Thus obtaining many time slots and make them run for over a period of time, is the perfect strategy to make business. 

Constructing a reasonable radio advertising campaign is quite a challenging task and requires the effort and strength of a professional. It is only possible for a reputed and skilled organization to understand the nature and quality of a particular brand before promoting it. This detailed study of the brand makes them realize the fact that whether they actually require a local or a national exposure, in accordance with which the rest of the campaign would depend. Thus this professional and specialized handling of an advertising campaign is very essential for radio advertising to flourish in its field and maintain its effectiveness.

Therefore the foundation line for making the best radio advertising lies in the fact that, working with professional radio advertising bureau assists one to develop their marketing tactics and make best recommendations on time slots within their desired budget.

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Radio advertising campaign a planned entity

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This article was published on 2012/03/26