Monthly Family Calendars

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Calendar printing is often done when the year ends and companies are scrambling to have theirs printed as part of their corporate giveaways to clients, suppliers, and friends. You can easily get cheap ready-made templates for your calendars but you can also have custom calendars made.

However, do you know that you can also make calendars as part of your family’s tradition? These are lovely keepsakes about your family. They do not necessarily mean that they can be used as “calendars” per se, but the days, dates, and months just look good on the design. The would be lovely additions to your scrapbook. But you cannot make them on the same month or the month before the month has passed. It has to be a bygone month because that is how you get to record the events of the past month. Here is how you could do it.

For example, you want to detail the growth of your child. Here is how you should make your family photo calendar:

So every month you take photos of your child. It does mean only on their birth date, but almost every day because they grow so fast and they have a new development in just almost a few days.

1. Use Adobe Photoshop for the purpose of design. Your basic graphics design skills should already be handy here.

2. Find a calendar template online that you can just copy and insert in your file. Choose the month, like “March 2011” for instance. Copy this template and paste it in your file.

3. Choose a nice colorful background for your layout. You could make it with a solid color or you can find a template online like flowers, trees, grass, balloons, and the like. Choose those high resolution photos so that your background will not look pixelized.

4. Browse through your child’s photos and find the best ones. For one layout, you can probably include up to five photos. You can put them in boxes, mask them or make them part of the calendar. So the photos will stand for the different milestones that your child did that month or the special events you attended or the new dress that she got. It could be anything.

5. If you prefer, mark off her monthly birth date. Like if your child was born on December 5, 2010, you can highlight March 5, 2011 by changing the color and writing there on the box “Ashley’s 3rdmonth” or “Ashley: 3 months”.

6. Do this for every month of your child’s life. You can very well continue this until she is older or you can complete the twelve months until she turns 1 year old. Then compile your photo calendars in a special album.

Calendar printing could be used for other purposes, like the one detailed above. These custom calendars will be really nice in marking your baby’s progress as she grows older. If you have several children, you can do this for them individually and also have separate albums for these. And/or you can make layouts of them together, like their growing up years so that when they want to look back in their childhood, they will see that in this particular year and month, they look like this or they did this and such. It would be a lovely thing that you can do for your children.

For more information, you can visit this page on calendar printing

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Monthly Family Calendars

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Monthly Family Calendars

This article was published on 2011/08/26