Combining Forms And Functions For Color Posters

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Custom posters can be more than just an advertisement. If you are wise with your custom poster printing, you should try to combine the different forms.

This will make them more useful and perform different important functions. Let me teach you how this is done by giving you some different examples of extra functional elements combined in some custom posters.

Advertising posters and Information One of the most basic combinations for functions are types that advertising and information. If you look at a typical advertising type, you will see that it is all about the image and the slogan with just small text telling people to go here for more information. On the other hand, if you look at an information type, it is usually about text and details with little attractive qualities unto itself.

With little cunning layout practices, you can easily combine these things to make a combination of advertising and information. By fading part of the picture, and then adding the detailed text, you will not only promoting your project or product effectively, you will also be giving people the precise details that you need to know. It is a quaint combination that usually works well and you should try it out.

Advertising posters and Public relations Now, advertising and public relations can always go hand in hand at some point. Not only can you advertise products with your custom color posters, you can also project a great business image because of them. This can be done simply by adding an expressive symbol of your company into the advertising image and message itself. This can be a person in professional attire, an animal that symbolizes great meaning, or just your simple business logo made professionally and impressively. With this combination, you can easily sell products and services while uplifting and developing your business reputation.

Advertising posters and collectibles Now, on the more creative marketing side of things, you can actually combine your advertising with collectible posters. By developing a line that are worth collecting and then integrating advertising messages into them, you can have people actually trying to look for and buy them so that they can post them in their own homes and offices. This gives you free advertising distribution, getting you to promote your products and services directly at peoples locations. All it takes really is the right concept of the collectible and you should get a great impact with your advertising.

Signs and advertising Another great idea for a combination are sign posters and advertising. Signs are basically reminders and warning signs. From warnings about accident-prone areas, to health warnings and other important notices, you can easily piggyback a nice advertising message along with those important signs. You will be giving people a good service by reminding them of those important notices, while at the same time you advertise to them your product or even your company. Therefore, it is a great win-win situation when it comes to advertising.

Great! These are just some of the great combinations forms and functions that you can try out. As you can see by combining these different forms, you can really make use of your posters in a myriad of ways. This makes them well worth the effort.
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Combining Forms And Functions For Color Posters

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This article was published on 2010/11/27