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Bluetooth Marketing is the cheapest way to advertise direct to mobile phones.

The way this works is by uploading an advert that can be video, animated image or text to the pod. The pod will then find any mobile phones in the area with bluetooth activated and send them a message asking them if they would like to receive your offer.

The beauty of this is it is free unlimited permission based advertising. You can literally set the pod up power it and it will send your advert to an unlimited number of people forever.

This form of advertising will work with any business in any market.

Bluetooth Marketing Pods enable you to send adverts to phones within a 30-100m range. In the UK alone there are over 50 million mobile phones. These days over 80% of mobile phones have bluetooth and virtually everyone owns a mobile phone. So you now have a platform using an pod to send unlimited adverts to 80% of the population for free.

Bluetooth Marketing is environmentally friendly because there is no paper waste, you are simply transferring rich multimedia digital flyers direct to peoples phones. Many councils are now banning the use of paper flyers for environmental reasons.

As part of your marketing mix a Bluetooth Marketing System is a very economical powerful tool and it offers scalable results. If you need more business simply use more than one pod and hit more peoples phones. For a fixed cost you can scale your marketing efforts to meet your needs.

A Bluetooth Marketing Pod is very simple to use.

Connect to a pc Upload your advert Power the pod and it immediately begins sending out your advert

Every business is looking for the "magic bullet", the one promotion that is cheap, requires minimal work and will bring a stream of new customers with cash ready to spend.

As business people we are all looking for cheaper and better advertising, we are sick of being over charged for advertising that offers a minimal response by the ad agencies, newspapers, radio and Yell Pages.

As a business we are all looking to

Reduce costs Get More Customers Make More Money Spend less time thinking of how to get customers and more time actually doing what we do best and running our business.

However with the economic climate the way it is we are all finding business trading harder and harder. One of the biggest problems for most companies is that the economy is slowing down, jobs are being lost, their is less money in the consumers pocket but business overheads are rising. Many companies are now having to cut costs and one of the first things to be cut is advertising. However this is a vicious circle because cutting advertising means less exposure and reduces the chance of new customers coming to your business. It is a shame but newspapers and radio stations are not helping companies grow by offering affordable advertising. Even though all newspapers and radio stations are massively down on advertising revenue from previous years turnover.

So if you cant afford to pay exorbitant advertising charges or pay a team of people to stand in the street telling the public about your latest and best promotions what can you do?

A Bluetooth Marketing Device could be your best solution

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Bluetooth Marketing - Mobile Phone Advertising

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    James Harold- 2010/09/15 03:50:15 am

    Well, I like Bluetooth marketing concept and from experience, I found that Bluetooth marketing software is much cheaper and would get the job done. I've been using a software called 'bluemagnet' and it's really nice. Google it.

This article was published on 2010/03/30