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Car wraps are gaining increasing popularity in the advertising industry. For one, it is relatively inexpensive to produce these advertising materials. Another advantage will be that attaching advertising materials is like paying for a mobile billboard for a lot less money. Car wraps are also opening up a lot of creative possibilities for the marketing and advertising industries—and in this day and age when we think we have seen it all, new forms of creative promotion will always come in handy.

Advertising, for decades, was confined to the home or the fixed places where the target market is. For example, TV commercials can only be seen through a television, and a television should be at a room where there is available reception and a wall socket to plug it into. Print advertising is more flexible, as newspapers and magazines can be taken and read just about anywhere. Billboards are the dominant outdoor advertising form, and they are often situated in busy areas where there is a lot of foot and vehicle traffic—but they stay rooted there. Car wraps, on the other hand, has the outdoor advantage of print media and billboards, and the advertisers can bring their selling message where the target market is.

Car wraps evolved from truck wraps and other forms of vehicle wraps. Pepsi was one of the first products to be advertised through wrapping an advertising layout on a bus in the early 1990’s. Amtrak also featured vehicle wraps in their coaches for the Holiday Inn Hotels. Vehicle wraps for large “mediums” like train coaches, trucks, and buses cost a lot of money because of the amount of material that will be used to cover the whole vehicle. Smaller companies that do not generate billions of dollars in income every year will not be able to spend such a huge amount for a campaign that uses vehicle wraps.

This is why it is more practical and efficient to advertise with car wraps. A car is relatively smaller than a bus or a train coach, so this means that the advertiser will not be required to print a lot of advertising material to cover the entire vehicle. Cars are more ubiquitous compared to these other forms of vehicles, and definitely a lot cheaper to rent. Car wraps are often offered by a company who rents out their vehicles to advertisers and media placement agencies, and even includes the driving services. The advertisers can choose the type of driver who will take the car out; they can even specify the gender, age, and race of the person who will be “representing” their brand.


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Advertising with Car Wraps

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Advertising with Car Wraps

This article was published on 2011/07/21