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To consider that getting into an advertising PR job is the ultimate thing to have happened to you is the first mistake on your part. Agreed that it was very difficult for you to get inside and once you get that job, it calls for a celebration; but you should be careful enough to not let the job opportunity slip out of your hands. Mistakes in advertising PR jobs are common and perhaps committed by even the most seasoned of the bunch. Because such jobs are research dependent, there often tends to be a hypothetical prediction based projection of trends that can even misfire, leading to a temporary collapse of the marketing strategy employed.

Advertising and PR when combined make one of the most potent departments of an organization. Here are the top mistakes that are to be avoided at any cost – to save the company as well your job!

Top Advertising PR mistake #1: Hard Advertisement and Hard Selling

To sell or advertise does not mean for once that you need to focus all your strategy on selling your product. Agreed that it is what your business stands on, depends on but let the people be interested in your product, compare it and then buy it on their discretion. Too much advertising in and out may backfire, making people irritated and hence disinterested in the product. As an advertising PR professional, your role is to make the people interested and not force them into buying.

Top Advertising PR mistake #2: Subtle Advertisement is not Silence

Again, the extreme opposite of the previous point – subtlety does not equal silence. There is so much competition in the market today that even for once if you're out of the advertisement scene, your competitors will take over and you will be out of business, virtually for ages to come!

Top Advertising PR mistake #3: Wrong People at the wrong place

A general trend shows that when celebrities endorse products, people seem to be more interested in those products. However as a PR advertising pro, you should understand that not all products can be handled by celebrities and neither can you be judgmental about the mental ability of the people. Moreover one cannot rule out the ‘people factor' from your advertisements because in the end, you will have to convince them first because they are your buyers. A mistake in this regard can make your production plans go haywire!

Top Advertising PR mistake #4: Misreading the Time and Situation

Not every period is suitable for advertisement of the product you're selling. For example, it would be unwise on your part to advertise air conditioners in peak winter! Instead heating systems' advertisements will be more successful. Therefore, the time and place should always be a part of your strategy. Misreading the time and situation means misreading the demands of the people and hence putting your company into jeopardy. Had advertising been free of cost, then maybe it wouldn't have hurt you much but since advertising forms one of the largest parts of a company spending, ‘misreading' can be threatening decision!

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Advertising PR Jobs - Top Mistakes Made in Advertising PR Jobs

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This article was published on 2011/05/10